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Company Stories

Free Soldier creates a unique culture that suits itself to meet the various needs of players.

Outdoor, health, life with high taste, unlimited pursuit and strong innovation ability are the cultural cores pursued by our brand which allowing every outdoor sports enthusiast to experience immersive military career. Free Soldier specializes in the outdoor products industry in order to build the world's first brand of outdoor sports, become a nationally praised brand seller.

Free Soldier started in the outdoor market and created the outdoor blue ocean field of military products. The first in brand building theory is always making people impressive. The first means originality and authenticity. Therefore, it is also the value of the existence of free soldiers.

Created the first, and we should do everything possible to keep it forward. All future business activities of Free soldier will be looking toward this goal. Products will continue to develop new types and new styles to enrich product structure and meet various needs of players; quality will reflect the Free soldier brand by improving crafts, strengthening supervision and upgrading standards and gradually become the most trustworthy partner of the player.